Mayachitram's vision has been set for the benefit of students and members, that they need understand it clearly and imbibe its spirit.


1. Mayachitram stands for reintegration of Indian Culture.
2. Faith in transcendental spirit who inform the cosmic order.
3. Truth which accorded in between mind, body and deed.
4. Dedication which offer salvation.
5. Sublimation which purifies body and mind and transmit lower passion emotion into the things of beauty.
6. Beauty encircled with truth and love.
7. Painting is the soul of poetry, abstract form of the music and dance, Sister of philosophy.
8. Painting regenerates and unchains us from bondage. It recreates us and illuminates our mind, enlighten the society.

We bring Indian command respect from world due to our modern prophet like Budhha, Vivekananda, Ramkrishna and Aurobinda. Ashramic Sangha had been fostering the faith and ideals with the help of brothern Society of the Maya Chitram Art Institute.


1. New sensitization and of National Integration would be formed through our education.
2. Projection on the ethno cultural, primitive as well as modern life status of the people in the perspective of an anthropological background.
3. Inventories focus and natural history of the region may focus in our mission.
4. Future development of a village campus, representing the entire North East Zone.

Associated Impact

1. An addressal to a problem of extreme and alienative, communal ethno, cultural and political process.
2. Recollection of immense document on the least attempted areas of Art and Culture realm through archive.


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