The Mission of Maya Chitram Art Institute has been defined as a numerous way. Beside, fine arts, spiritual, ethical values has been given further dimension to grow habit of thought on transcendental philosophy of life. The Indian Heritage and Culture truly includes regenerating the mind among members and students of the Institute.

What do you mean by "our cultural heritage?" It means all those aspects or values of our culture transmitted to us by our ancestors from generation to generation. We cherished them and are proud of them because they have helped to maintain the unbroken immanency of our culture and civilization, from the Vedic Age to the present day, over a time span of nearly 5000 years; we have a uniquely rich heritage in terms of religion, philosophy, the arts, languages and literatures.

Our fine conception and aesthetic values are to be utilized, for the purpose of producing creative life to built healthy society, in which every man will have more amplitude of existence more rich of being more fervor of friendship.

Man is imborn free but everywhere he is confined in chain but the truth must not be untold. The redemption can be happen if each individual exerts himself to all sorts of spiritual orientation.

Art is the revolt of man against such tyranny, poet, prophet and artist can be the leader of this decadence to discover the Universal spirit which can bring fulfillment of human being. Modern art loving persons must unite in the struggle for the survival of the soul of man.

We want to set up an Art College and Village Campus, the matter was taken up with Sri Gopal Krishna Gandhi at Rajbhawan, also communicated with DMSLKMS Mysore for conducting B. Fine course through Distance mode. The matter of affiliation is under process is being conducted with different University and Government.

A missionary bent of mind can build up such a college even I have faith a deemed University on Fine Arts, Music can be in North Bengal, about which I had a scope to discuss. But what requires just dedication, sacrifice of personal life for greater cause, for holy promise. We all need purification on common faith and promise.

All these happens to our society as we are the pursuer of high breed consumerist society loss, faith, enigma against spiritual creed, incapacity to lesson the words to prophet, poet, philosopher even being good scholar, politician little know about the word "love". A love for mankind is the major crisis of the age.

It is our earnest hope that this fresh material will not only equip the students to answer questions on the subject but kindle in them a lifelong interest in our cultural heritage. A subject like this is more life-oriented than career-oriented. Man does not live by bread alone. Character, forged on the smithy of culture, is the basis of all human endeavors.


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